Tuesday, 17 February 2015

gone out of the window

...well, that's my plan for the year has gone out of the window - not a resolution but a plan - the idea to make time to post here more has not quite taken the path I was wanting..... so let's start again..... and while I re-start my aims and ambitions for this little visual journal that I love - here is one that I did actually stick to - to keep the studio tidy....tidy enough to be able to see the floor... xxxx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

strips of silk tissue

...well january is passing by a bit too quickly than I care to require. A million and one tasks and projects to complete and the days are blurring together too comfortably.  

I have my head down at the moment working on a photo shoot next week - the task today is to produce some interesting ribbons to work with a wedding bouquet.  So I pottered for a while and started to plait and knot and tear lovely pieces of dupion silk - so pretty - like tissue paper. I'll let you know if they were used in the shoot in a few months.

Monday, 12 January 2015

I like my years to blend.....

I know, I know, I am a little late in wishing you all a Happy New Year, but I don't know about you but I feel as if I have been catapulted into the year backwards.  Is it just me, or does anyone else look at the series of number that spell out '2015' and think it looks rather futuristic...I still feel as if I should be in 2005.....

I'm not quite ready to embrace a new year.  I am not very good at this New Year thing at all if I am honest...I can find New Years Eve quite an emotional turn of events....I don't like the idea of placing a full stop to the end of one year and pretending everything is all new and squeeky clean, neither supposedly making amendments to the 'old' me on day one of month one of the next.  I like my years to blend....be seamless....Don't get me wrong I am always there at midnight with my glass of Sherry and Jools Holland embracing the sound of the chimes.....

I have no resolutions (as I never stick to them - ever).....no great diverse business changing plans or goals to accomplish this year.....everything is just swimming rather happily on a sea of floralness.....I am content with my little lot.  

I want to spend this year enjoying just where I am.  I want to spend the year simply planting seeds of the research kind that may indeed bloom the next year.....don't get me wrong, I do have plans and ambitions like the next person....but I have lots of ideas I want to let sail like a dandelion seed and see where they land....

The Linen Garden is blooming with lovely new visitors 
as well as its regular wonderful meanderers and floral appreciators...
and still to this day one of my favourite jobs is packing 
parcels of pretty orders from the shop...
layers of tissue, a floral sticker or two, a loosely tied raffia bow.....
the radio on and into my own little world I go....

I should write here more too - 
and have promised myself just that.  
I like this place of recording - I don't see it as a blog but a journal, 
a sketchbook, a representation of studio life.  
Whether I feel as if I am talking to myself or not...
it is a calm....and rather therapeutic place for me to waffle.

A lot of my time this year will be spent helping at least three, quite diverse from each other, businesses.  This is something that seems to be coming more and more my way as the months twirl by.  I will also be opening some of the diary time and my studio to holding mentoring sessions again to creative businesses - so I suppose I do have some kind of plans in the pipeline.....

.... AND....

I have some very exciting news which I shall be letting you know about here on Thursday...something that I have to pinch myself about....I have known since last May...and can now let you all know this week (it doesn't involve babies by the way - it is not that sort of news).....

So I hope you have had a lovely break over the last few weeks....do you have any plans...made any resolutions....????

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

'a happy place'

Sometimes I stand back from the linen dust and smile with contentment 
at how lucky I am to work from home.

I love my studio.
'a happy place'

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Linen Garden 'Statement Skirts'

As you know I adore linen...I adore florals...and I particularly adore Sanderson furnishing prints 
(or prints of a similar bouquet)
I love how you can turn a practical piece of linen into a wearable painting,
a statement kind of skirt.
So this is our next project
here at The Linen Garden..... 
'Statement Skirts'
Designs, like the vintage linens and cotton sateens are limited, and, like the bags, 
will be bespoke, individual makings.

There is just one straight forward design.
An 'A' line shape with lovely flattering side pockets and zip at the back.  
The great little practicality of an 'A' line shape is that if (like mine) 
your waist line changes slightly over the months like the seasons,
you can pull it down a little on your hips. 
Oh joy!!!!
The inside of the pockets can be made 
using a complimentary floral as too can the waistband.
You can also request a length too if the fabric is available to suit.
Some prefer on the knee, 
I like a midi length and some commissions have been requested 
to the small of the ankle to make a lovely evening sateen skirt for a festive soiree....
Please note that these fabrics are furnishing florals 
and therefore will have a more sturdier feel and hang as a denim. 
 Some of the sateens will hang softer.  
This will be detailed in the shop as Heavy, Medium, Soft.

So starting this week fabrics will be placed on sale over at The Linen Garden shop.  
All you need to do is  choose your fabric 
and add this to the checkout (prices start at £70).  
You then need to choose if you would like it lined 
and again add this to the checkout (an additional £25)..
please note that I choose the liner depending on current stock 
and colour palette of the chosen floral design.  

Then simply pay and email me your waist size 
(you may wish to email your hip size too).  
I also need to know your required length if applicable...
there may be an additional charge for this if it is passed mid-calf length.

As each skirt is made by hand, here in the studio, making and delivery may take up to 5 weeks.
International orders are welcome.

So, if you have any questions please either email me at 
message me over at Facebook
or leave a comment below.....

Here is the first option of the first fabrics that is now available HERE.
I currently have enough of this Sanderson sateen "Fiorella" to make approx 5 bespoke skirts.
(see pattern below)