Sunday, 9 August 2015


...around this time of year is when we, as a family, disappear in the caravan.  Never too far away from home as home is a beautiful part of England...  I sometimes wish I lived a little further at times is seems that all the hustle and bustle and opportunities and the enticing and relaxed business/social events seem to be branched across the southern counties.  But then I wouldn't have the stretch of varied and dramatic, constant  changing, landscapes on my doorstep as I do .... all to inspire and hold my thoughts.... absolute visual indulgence. 

 Industrial landscapes of Teesside, the moorlands of North Yorkshire...the vale of York....the beautiful north east coastline....northumberland just an hours throw away...and within a two hour stretch across the tiny nipped waste of this gorgeous isle of ours is The Lake District.  

At any possible opportunity we squirrel away in the caravan at any of these destinations....the last couple of weeks I have been hibernating on the edge of York.  I take two old tins that become my portable studio and leave a little space in the car for any found treasure en-route.

My holiday makings - Flower Bed Brooches - are now available 
to purchase over in The Linen Garden store.

Below is a little visual diary of happenings in the studio since my return...and you can also see a few snapshots of my time away over at my Instagram library.

So excited about the next 6 many ideas...a new web site to design...a bigger shop to construct...some inspiring projects to complete... I have said this before here in my journal but I always consider September to be the start of my new year as it follows a time and holiday period of reflection... time out to gather thoughts...ignite new pathways...and fill lined books with notes and ponderings.

I now just need more time than a week offers to fulfill even just a quarter of what 
I would like to achieve over the next 12  months.

Oh! - and a little project, that was sown around 18 months ago regarding hoarding-meandering-friendship, and has been curated together with my dearest friend Tea with Ruby 
launches its first online pop-up store in October.
Our little nurtured and treasured
(click above to go to our gathered site and stay in touch to find out more as it unravels)

Monday, 20 July 2015 plantings in the beds of The Linen Garden

There have been lots of pretties that have been waiting in line to have their turn to feature in the shop and now these handsome lot are now lined, all proud and neat, and in their appropriate shelves in The Linen Garden..... here is a little glimpse and glimmer....

Saturday, 27 June 2015

gathering and listening

...I have so many reasons why I 'need' flowers in the house, no matter the season.
They are settling.
Not only do they make a room visually change but they can change the feeling of a room....change the scent. Differing changes in appearance through the dancing light of the day is always such a pleasure to watch and a treasure to have.
A diary of sensations.
Alone as a statement of loss/love/happiness/friendship or 'just because'.
-or- cuddled up in bunched company, comforting, snug, wholesome delight.

This week the flowers picked from the garden and flowers bought are to get me from a to b.  I need this week to go the other side will be the arrival home of Mr H. who has been away for over 5 weeks...away too long.  So when this mix of delicate and sculptured flowers start to fade

I will have my best friend home.

Has there been a reason/a story behind your floral snippets this week?

...and somewhere in the background I am listening to....